Billing Information

Bills are mailed on the last day of each month.

Paying your Bill – You can sign up for free auto pay on the home page of this website.  If you choose to pay using a credit or debit card there is a minimum $2.50 processing fee.  Please pay your bill as soon as you receive it. Send your payment and stub to VRWD, 409 Old Baldwin Rd., Ojai, CA 93023. Recent payments may not have been deducted from your bill.

Past Due Bills – An unpaid bill becomes past due on the last day of the month following the billing date. If the billing is past due at the close of business on the fortieth (40) day past the bill date, a $14.00 delinquent fee will be added to the amount due. The water service may be turned off for non-payment. When a water service is turned off it will be subject to a $50.00 re-connection charge plus an additional deposit. Re-connection and deposit fees must be paid in cash or cashier‚ check only. Personal checks will not be accepted. Partial payments cannot be accepted, and delinquent bills will not be considered paid until payment has been received at the water district office. If your check is returned by the bank you may be charged a returned check fee and a field service charge.Disputed bills – Should you question your bill, please request an explanation and/or investigation from us by calling 646-3403, or coming to the office at 409 Old Baldwin Road. Any customer who has initiated a complaint or requested an investigation within five days of receiving a contested bill shall be given an opportunity for review of such complaint or investigation by a review manager of the water district. If after a determination by the district, you still believe you have been billed incorrectly, the amount of the bill and a written statement supporting your belief should be deposited with the water district to avoid discontinuance of service. Your written statement supporting your belief that the bill is not correct will be placed on the next meeting agenda and reviewed by the Board of Directors. You will be notified of the date, location, and time of the Regular monthly Board of Directors Meeting and you may be present to hear the final determination of the Board.

Once a bill is delinquent and subject to disconnection the balance on your account (passed due and current charge) must be paid to avoid disconnection. Once your water is disconnected for non-payment you will be required to pay a $120 deposit and $50 reconnect fee in cash to have your water service reconnected.