Finance & Rates

Water Rates

Water Rates Effective 3-15-2017

Cost of Service Rates Protest Hearing Notice 2016-7-25

Cost of Service Rate Analysis 7-8-2016

Annual Budget

Budget 17-18 FINAL

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plan 3-15-17

Annual Audit

Audit Report FYE 6-30-2016

Salary Schedule

Salary Range Schedule 7-1-2017

Past & Present Projects

Capital Improvements Since 1996

  • Upgrade Baldwin Rd facility electrical service and distribution center.
  • Replace steel water main on Riverside Rd with PVC.

    New Turnout from Casitas system at Old Baldwin Road will provide fresher water and better service. Installed in May 2011.

  • Computerize meter reading reducing man power to read meters.
  • Install computerized control and monitoring system for pumps and tanks.
  • Install master meters to monitor and reduce water loss in the system.
  • Add an additional 210,000 gallon tank to Baldwin Rd Yard.
  • Add a 3rd booster pump Baldwin Rd Yard to build redundancy and reliability.
  • Drill two new wells to allow reducing the amount of purchased water from Casitas MWD.
  • Expand security to at the Baldwin Rd Yard facilities.
  • Emergency Stand-by generators.
  • Safety upgrades to chlorine system.
  • Replaced a flood prone water main across the Ventura River.
  • Automated pumping facilities for reliable operations.
  • Relocated storage and pumping facility incorporating highly efficient pumps and equipment decreasing power costs and increasing reliability.
  • Capital Improvement cost has averaged over $460,000 per year, totaling over $4.1 million.