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Understanding Your Water Bill April 2018

Water Budget Program

Wtr Budget Workshop PPoint 1-10-2018

Water Budget Adjustment Form

The Water Budget Program is designed to serve as a tool to help customers know how much water they need compared to how much they are using and to use water efficiently so water supplies can be properly managed.  Each single family residential customer has a water budget for each month of the year, for example, because plants use more water in August than they do in February.   Each single family customer’s monthly water budget includes 10 units of Health and Safety water plus budgets for irrigation, pools and livestock.   Multi-family, commercial and industrial customers have not been assigned water budgets.

To request adjustments to you water budget fill out and return the Water Budget Adjustment Form above.

If your water usage exceeds your monthly water budget there will be a financial penalty.  The penalty for usage up to 25% over budget will be $0.50 per unit. Usage greater than 25% over budget will have a penalty of $1.00 per unit. If you are under budget you cannot roll over the water savings to future months.

Water Rates

Water Rates Effective 2-15-2018

Protest Hearing PowerPoint 2-15-2018

Protest Hearing Notice 12-21-2017

Cost of Service and Rate Setting Analysis MEMO FINAL 1-23-2018

Annual Budget

Budget 18-19 FINAL 7-1-18

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Program 9-19-2018  10 Year

Budget 18-19 FINAL 7-1-18 10 Year CIP

Annual Audit

Annual Audit FY 2017-18 – Final Financials

Salary Schedule

Budget 18-19 FINAL 7-1-2018 Salary Range Schedule

Investment and Reserve Policy

Resolution 2018 – 313 Investment & Reserve Policy

Employee Compensation

The compensation for Employees and Directors including all benefits such as health care and retirement are posted on the Government Compensation in California website: 

Past & Present Projects

Capital Improvements Since 1996

  • Upgrade Baldwin Rd facility electrical service and distribution center.
  • Replace steel water main on Riverside Rd with PVC.

    New Turnout from Casitas system at Old Baldwin Road will provide fresher water and better service. Installed in May 2011.

  • Computerize meter reading reducing man power to read meters.
  • Install computerized control and monitoring system for pumps and tanks.
  • Install master meters to monitor and reduce water loss in the system.
  • Add an additional 210,000 gallon tank to Baldwin Rd Yard.
  • Add a 3rd booster pump Baldwin Rd Yard to build redundancy and reliability.
  • Drill two new wells to allow reducing the amount of purchased water from Casitas MWD.
  • Expand security to at the Baldwin Rd Yard facilities.
  • Emergency Stand-by generators.
  • Safety upgrades to chlorine system.
  • Replaced a flood prone water main across the Ventura River.
  • Automated pumping facilities for reliable operations.
  • Relocated storage and pumping facility incorporating highly efficient pumps and equipment decreasing power costs and increasing reliability.
  • Capital Improvement cost has averaged over $460,000 per year, totaling over $4.1 million.