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Facts about the District

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Facts about the District

The District serves about 5,700 persons through about 2,150 connections. The area served is about 3.3 square miles or 2,103 acres. Our customers include residential, commercial and industrial. The District does not serve agricultural water.

Recent District Wide Water Usage (pumped and purchased):

VRWD Water Usage 2001 to 2021

District Boundary

Boundary Map 2019 VRWD


Historic Ground water levels

Aquifer Levels May 2022

General Overview and History

The District is a water producer and retailer for the Casitas Springs, Live Oak Acres, Oak View, Mira Monte and a portion of the City of Ojai. It serves a population of approximately 5,700 through 2,180 connections. The District provides water treatment, domestic water service and fire service mainly from groundwater sources.

Water service in the Ojai Valley developed in a fragmented way as different areas and neighborhoods developed. The Ventura River Water District was formed on August 14, 1956, and this new District knitted together systems developed by 6 small mutual water companies and water districts. Subsequent annexation by the City of Ojai of some of this territory led to the District serving a small part of the City.

The Ventura River Water District is supplied by six water wells drilled 160 to 450 feet deep into the Upper Ventura River Sub-basin aquifer. These groundwater wells are located near the Ventura River about 2,000 feet upstream of the Baldwin Road bridge and along Hwy 33/150 near Villanova Road.

The District has five active Casitas water turnouts to receive treated surface water from Lake Casitas. Customers in Casitas Springs, and Rio Via / Monte Via in Oak View receive Lake Casitas Water at all times. All other customers may receive Lake Casitas surface water if the District wells need repair or the aquifer goes dry due to drought. A blend of surface and ground water is delivered on those occasions.

When full, the Upper Ventura River Aquifer holds about a two year supply of water. If there is insufficient rain after the two years then the District must begin utilizing water from Lake Casitas. Lake Casitas is designed for a 21 year drought (the longest drought on record) and relies upon our District to maximize the use of ground water to make it through the design 21 year drought.


Sep. 27, 1941

Ventura County Water Works District #4 was formed in Casitas Springs.

Aug. 13, 1948

Skyline Mutual Water Company articles of incorporation prepared.

Aug. 19, 1948

SMWC articles filed with California Secretary of State.

Aug. 25, 1948

SMWC articles filed with County of Ventura, and by-law’s enacted at first meeting.

July 1949

Sparks Well was drilled. See Annual Recordation File for details.

Sep. 15, 1949

Live Oaks Acres Mutual Water Company approved their sale to Ventura County Water Works District #7.

Aug. 30, 1951

Special meeting authorized sale and conveyance of SMWC to Ventura River Mutual Water Company by transfer of equal shares of stock.

Dec. 17, 1951

Final dissolution meeting of Skyline Mutual Water Company.

Aug. 14, 1956

Ventura River County Water District was formed at first meeting and operated VRMWC under a lease agreement.

Apr. 21, 1959

VRCWD bought VRMWD for $150,000. Numerous deeds from VRMWC and SMWC were accepted by VRCWD.

Oct. 16, 1962

Matilija Ranch drilled a well outside VRCWD Baldwin yard.

Oct. 15, 1963

Easement given to So. Cal. Edison to Matilija well by VRCWD.

Dec. 17, 1963

Garman resigned as District Counsel.

Dec. 21, 1963

Dixon engaged as new District Counsel.

Aug 1964

1,026 active service connections.

Feb 1968

VRCWD agreed to handle Ventura County Waterworks Districts #4 & #7 maintenance.

Mar. 12, 1969

Sparks well collapsed at 120’ to 150’.

Mar. 18, 1969

Midway Drilling gave $14,777 contract to drill well #3. It was put into service in November

July 20, 1971

New line completed across the Ventura River at Highway 150 bridge.

Mar. 21, 1972

Sheriff’s Honor Farm water connection installed.

Oct. 15, 1963

Easement given to So. Cal. Edison to Matilija well by VRCWD.

Jun 20, 1972

Harold B. Parker appointed as Director of VRCWD.

Aug. 1976

City of San Buenaventura claims rights to 6,000 A. F. from the Ventura River.

Sep. 1976

10th line on Old Baldwin Road is completed.

Nov. 25, 1977

John R. Curtis voted Director of VRCWD replacing Peacock.

Jan 1,1979

Ventura County Water Works Districts #4 & #7 were conveyed to the Ventura River County Water District.

May 16, 1985

Lindsay F. Nielson appointed as District Counsel.

Dec. 6, 1985

Marvin L. Hanson appointed as Director of VRCWD.

May 6, 1986

Donald S. Colvin appointed as Director of VRCWD.

Nov. 10, 1987

Gene Daffern appointed as Director of VRCWD.

Dec. 20, 1989

Ed E. Lee appointed as Director of VRCWD replacing Colvin.

Sep. 14, 1994

Eddie P. Ramseyer appointed as Director of VRCWD replacing Daffern.


Baldwin Tank #1 Constructed


Alto tank replaced with two new 753,000 gallon tanks

Dec. 3, 2001

General Manager Chuck Curtis Retired.

Dec 12, 2001

Chuck Curtis appointed as Director replacing Parker.

May 16, 1985

Lindsay F. Nielson appointed as District Counsel.


530,000 gallon Parker tank and booster station constructed.

Sep 11, 2002

Tom Jamison appointed as Director replacing Chuck Curtis.

January, 2006

Installed 12″ dia. Directional Drill Water Main from Valley Meadow Dr to Encino

May 8, 2013

Bruce W. Kuebler appointed as Director replacing Eddie P. Ramseyer

June 1st, 2016

Peggy Wiles appointed as Director replacing Thomas Jamison

June17,2020  Nathan Rosser appointed Director replacing Marvin Hanson