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Where does our water com from?

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Where does your water come from?


The Ventura River Water District is supplied by four wells drilled 230 to 300 feet into underground aquifers. An additional two wells have recently been drilled as well. These groundwater wells are located near the Ventura River. We have five water system connections to receive treated surface water from Lake Casitas. Customers in Casitas Springs, and Rio Via and Monte Via in Oak View receive Lake Casitas Water at all times. All other customers may receive Lake Casitas surface water if our wells need repair or the aquifer goes dry due to drought. A blend of surface and ground water is delivered on those occasions.

When full, our aquifer holds about a two year supply of water. If we do not receive sufficient rain after that we must rely upon water from Lake Casitas. Lake Casitas is designed for a 21 year drought (the longest drought on record) and relies upon our District to maximize the use of ground water to make it through a 21 year drought.

The District’s historical usage from 2001 to 2021 can be found here: VRWD Water Usage 2001 to 2021.