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Proposition 218 – Water Rate Study

The District is proposing to increase water rates for the next two years. A Public Protest Hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 2:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the District’s office at 409 Old Baldwin Road, Ojai, CA. Participation can be in-person at our office or via Zoom by visiting To join by phone, call 1-888-788-0099. Be sure to enter the Meeting ID: 822 1803 9151and Password: 964370.

Space is limited, to guarantee your seat for in-person attendance, please send RSVP to: 

The two-year water rate study can be accessed here: Water Rate Study

Water Budget Program

The Water Budget Program is designed to serve as a tool to help customers know how much water they need compared to how much they are using and to use water efficiently so water supplies can be properly managed. Each single family residential customer has a water budget for each month of the year, for example, because plants use more water in August than they do in February. Each single family customer’s monthly water budget includes 10 units of Health and Safety water plus budgets for irrigation, pools and livestock. Multi-family, commercial and industrial customers have not been assigned water budgets.

If your water usage exceeds your monthly water budget there will be a financial penalty. The penalty for usage over water budget is $5.00 per unit. If you are under budget you cannot roll over the water savings to future months.

Water Budget Workshop PowerPoint January 10th, 2018

Water Budget Adjustment

To request adjustments to you water budget fill out and return the Water Budget Adjustment Form.

Water Budget Adjustment Form

Water Bill Form

Understanding Your Water Bill: April 2018

Current Water Rates

Rates Effective May 15, 2023

Delinquent Payment: $35.00
Field Service (On/Off): $50.00
Wasted Water Penalty:  $5.00/unit