Lake Casitas

Who We Are

Since 1956

District Overview

The Ventura River Water District (VRWD) has been serving the community since 1956, ensuring that you have clean and reliable water when you need it. Our journey began by bringing together various small water systems from mutual water companies and districts as our District expanded.

Today, we cover approximately 3.3 square miles, serving around 6,100 residents and businesses through 2,190 connections. VRWD is here to provide safe and clean drinking water for your homes and businesses in areas like Casitas Springs, Live Oak Acres, Oak View, Mira Monte, and part of the City of Ojai. While we provide essential water services to our community, please note we do not supply water for agricultural purposes.

Our water comes primarily from the Upper Ventura River Groundwater Basin, accounting for 81% of our supply. The remaining 19% is sourced from Lake Casitas, brought to us by the Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD). The Upper Ventura River Aquifer is our primary source, capable of holding about a two-year supply of water when full. However, if we experience insufficient rainfall for two consecutive years, we turn to Lake Casitas, which is designed to withstand a 21-year drought, the longest on record.

VRWD is committed to making the most of our groundwater resources to secure a sustainable water supply for the long term.

Ventura River Water District office


The District is governed by an elected Board of Directors and derives its authority under Division 12 of the California Water Code, section 30000. Board members are elected by the registered voters of the District to four year terms. Day-to-day management of the District is the responsibility of the General Manager, who reports to the Board. The General Manager manages a staff of 5 who carry out a variety of District activities including business, operations, and maintenance services.


The Ventura River Water District’s mission is to serve people of the District by reliably distributing high-quality water that meets or exceeds all drinking water standards, while making effective use of water resources in a professional, knowledgeable, environmentally sustainable, and fiscally responsible manner with excellent customer care.


To fulfill our mission, the District will promote participation in water conservation and develop employees with professional knowledge in drinking water standards, technology, and administration. We will continue to strengthen our organization of certified individuals who are proud to serve the customers of the District with dedication and innovation.


  • Distinguished Service: Treating all customers with respect and addressing their needs efficiently.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Maintaining a standard of honesty through communication and accessibility to serve the public. Supporting state and federal efforts to manage and improve water quality.
  • Sustainable Actions: Promoting low environmental impact on our natural resources, while achieving long-term sustainability within our community. Utilizing conservation efforts to achieve the best sustainable practices for our water resources.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Upholding a standard of integrity in financial decision-making.
  • Employee Empowerment: Establishing an environment where workers are valued, respected, supported, and teamwork is encouraged, along with supporting individual development and improving understanding of VRWD.
  • Leadership and Continued Improvement: Consistently aligning our values with organizational initiatives that support our vision. We will:
  • Consider the long-term consequences of all actions
  • Add value to the District by consistently embracing creativity, initiative, innovation, technology and continuous improvement.
  • Long Range Planning and Preparation: We challenge ourselves to meet the evolving needs of the future through foresight, solid and specific planning efforts, and maintenance of organizational flexibility.
VRWD Staff at work
Ventura River Water District Staff