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The Ventura River Water District ensures a reliable water supply by using two sources: local groundwater and Lake Casitas (supplied by Casitas Municipal Water District).

Our aquifer, when full, holds approximately a two-year water supply. If we experience prolonged dry conditions, we turn to Lake Casitas for support. Lake Casitas is engineered to withstand a 21-year drought, relying on our District to optimize groundwater use to meet this extended drought scenario. Your water needs are our top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring a long-term, sustainable water supply.

For our groundwater, we operate six wells, each drilled between 230 and 300 feet deep near the Ventura River.

A well with a water district truck in the foreground

Additionally, we have multiple connections that allow us to receive treated surface water from Lake Casitas. Customers in Casitas Springs, Rio Via, and Monte Via in Oak View always receive Lake Casitas Water. Other customers may receive Lake Casitas surface water if our groundwater wells require maintenance or if the aquifer runs low due to drought conditions. In times of drought, we may blend surface and groundwater to meet demand.

Lake Casitas